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NOTICE: E-FILE tax stamps are taking approx. 9 months for approvals. Currently receiving May / June 2022



Current Pricing

9mm- 115gr $ per 1000rds ***CALL FOR PRICING***
9mm – 115gr $ per 250rds **OUT OF STOCK**
9mm – 147gr (sub-sonic) $ per 1000rds ***CALL FOR PRICING***
9mm – 147gr (sub-sonic) $ per 250rds  **OUT OF STOCK**
223 – 55gr $ per 1000rds ***CALL FOR PRICING***
223 – 55gr $ per 250rds **OUT OF STOCK**
45acp – 230gr $ per 1000rds **OUT OF STOCK**
45acp – 230gr $ per 250rds **OUT OF STOCK**
.300blk – 220gr (sub-sonic) $ per 1000rds **OUT OF STOCK**
.300blk – 220gr (sub-sonic) $ per 250rds **OUT OF STOCK**
***ALL Keystone ammo comes in boxes of 250rds, discount for 4 boxes 1000rds (1 Case)


Fingerprinting Services available for NFA items!!!

YES!!! We have Silencers in Stock!!!

Interested in SBR’s (Short Barrel Rifles)?

Full Tilt Firearms is now selling the complete line of firearms (NFA & Non-NFA) from: POF-USA (Patriot Ordnance Factory) , PWS (Primary Weapons Systems), LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool Company) FULL AUTO / Select Fire weapon systems are available for Law Enforcement agencies ONLY.

Silencerco Products 

***NEW> Hybrid 46M***, Omega 300, Saker ASR, Chimera 300, Omega 36M, Harvester, Hybrid 46, Octane 9 & 45, Osprey 45, Omega 9/45K, Sparrow 22, Switchback, Salvo 12

Also Available

AAC/Remington, GEMTECH, Surefire, YHM, Liberty, Griffin Armament, Dead Air, Rugged, Ruger

*** NFA Class 3 ITEMS ***

Silencers, Machine Guns and SBR’s

CALL or EMAIL for more information.

Buy, Sell or Trade, Have an old Glock, Colt or S&W you want to upgrade?

“NEW” S&W, Colt, Ruger, Glock, Henry, Savage, Stag Arms, Springfield, KelTec, PWS, POF and MANY MORE!!


*** Full Tilt Firearms Hats, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts ***

If you don’t see what your looking for please call us. If it’s not in stock we can get it in a few days.

Layaway is available and ALL major credit cards are accepted

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